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  • Prepare for Copilot+ & AI PC migraine

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 24 May 2024
  • A few years ago, ARM-based laptops were the kind of chips that ended up powering low-cost Chromebooks. MediaTek system on a chip devices used to offer a low cost alternative to the more powerful ...

  • The right tool for the job

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 16 May 2024
  • Without data, a company does not exist. This was one of the answers Lotar Schin, AI centre of excellence lead at Hungarian commercial bank, OTP Bank made during a panel discussion at the recent ...

  • Datacentres can play a bigger role in grid sustainability

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 01 May 2024
  • While improvements in energy efficiency have kept electricity consumption in datacentres in check, according to the International Energy Agency, to reach net zero, emissions must halve by 2030. ...

  • SaaS: With AI, every which way you lose

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 22 Apr 2024
  • The latest spending forecast data from analyst firm Gartner shows that spending on datacentres is set to increase 10% in 2024. This is largely being driven by hyperscalers riding the generative AI ...

  • VMware changes are hurting users in education

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 10 Apr 2024
  • VMware has been officially part of Broadcom since November 2023. On March 14 2024, a hundred days on from the acquisition, CEO Hock Tan wrote a blog post stating: “We overhauled our software ...

  • Tech impact of council budget crisis

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 06 Mar 2024
  • Councils around the UK are looking at how to save money as they struggle to keep a tap on inflation and rising costs. Local services are being cut and council taxes are being hiked. None of this is ...

  • Birmingham: There is a lesson for every CIO

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 21 Feb 2024
  • A few years ago, Oracle announced a big win, when it was selected by Birmingham City Council to replace a heavily customised SAP system, which was originally implemented in 1999.Socitm advisory was ...

  • A powerful case for more open data

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 08 Feb 2024
  • A panel discussion at the recent State Open Con 24 conference has shone a spotlight on the red tape, inefficiency and political moves that prevent opening up data sets to tackle a crisis affecting ...

  • Why government IT needs a better approach to budgeting

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 02 Feb 2024
  • Defra minister, Mark Spencer was recently asked to give an update to how the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is coping with its plans to renew ageing IT systems. The ...

  • Job losses may hinder enterprise AI success

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 25 Jan 2024
  • A swathe of recent research shows many believe the rollout of artificial intelligence (AI) will result in job losses and industry disruption.In a new blog Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of ...

  • CIOs will need a new strategy for AI risks and opportunities

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 19 Jan 2024
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) has warned that online misinformation and disinformation, generated by AI, is the top short-term risk facing countries. In its Global Risk report 2024, the WEF stated ...

  • Tesla and the risk of technological complacency

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 14 Dec 2023
  • The recall of the Tesla Autopilot software is an illustration of the risks of human complacency that can occur as more and more of the tasks we’re used to become automated. Years ago, people ...

  • AI: Killer app or planet killer

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 07 Dec 2023
  • Looking at the latest quarterly earnings filings from the leading server makers shows they are all experiencing a significant boost in sales, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). HPE CEO, ...

  • Keeping the customer satisfied

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 28 Nov 2023
  • It’s a truism that a business is only viable if it can retain and potentially grow its customer base. A company that actually listens to what customers are saying, will try to steer product ...

  • Do IT leaders need server upgrades?

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 17 Nov 2023
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the new Moore’s Law. Semiconductor manufacturers may strive to double processing power every two years, but that is not what their largest customers actually ...

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