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We look at the latest technology gadgets and consumer tech toys and what they can offer to business IT.

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  • Logitech signature slim keyboard & combo 

    Adrian Bridgwater 03 Apr 2024
  • There’s only one problem with Logitech. Spoiler alert, it’s a good problem, but it is an issue. I’ve not found a keyboard or mouse combination to rival it (okay, the PC mouse products from Razer ...

  • Google Pixel Watch 2

    Adrian Bridgwater 08 Mar 2024
  • The perfect smartwatch is a good dream to work towards and the Google Pixel Watch 2 is probably a step towards that Nirvana, it’s certainly a leap forward in terms of some of the functionality ...

  • A travel ‘gadget’ round-up

    Adrian Bridgwater 14 Jul 2023
  • I travel. There are of course a lot of technology conferences, symposia, study tours and press gatherings to attend around the planet and this particular writer ends up going to a good share of ...

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